Sunday, 5 February 2012

Freezing February....

Only yesterday I commented how I hoped we'd got away with snow this hour later, down it came.  I woke up to a deadly silent road...even the owls had hibernated.  A good few inches of snow must have fallen since 5pm yesterday and I'm looking out at small children on sledges and my neighbours (donning Percy Pig wellingtons) building a snowman.  I'm disappointed with their efforts I have to say.  I was hoping for a full adult size snowman which I was going to ask if I could dress in my 60s flowery rain mac and one of my collection of 60s hat....just for photographic opportunites you understand.

It's been a quietish week but I was very happy to get back to the Society Film Club again....back at the Sanctum Hotel.  (I cheered a little cheer at this news).  This weeks' offering was all about a collection of drag queens (gay and straight) & generally bizarre but fascinating folk in late 60s/early 70s San Francisco called The Cockettes (formed by an amazing character called Hibiscus).  They performed what could only be described as their own version of show tunes....random, chaotic and out of tune!  Back then, you could apparently claim benefits if you were deemed mentally unstable so these characters, with their glittery beards and outlandish outfits, lived off the State is communes, took a lot of LSD and became infamous for their shows.  Eventually the group all went off into different directions and disbanded.  It was interesting to see what had happened to The Cockettes but sadly several of the members had died from Aids.  They live on, however, through the Society Film Club!

I went to my first Vintage Fair of the year yesterday in Islington.  It's a sad state of affairs when all you can find to buy is a cupcake but as it was the best (rose) cupcake I've ever tasted, it was still worth a look.  Lunch this Saturday was in Stiles Bakery in Chapel Market.  Don't let the outside put you off - yes, it is a cheap cafe' but a cheap cafe' of the best kind - proper freshly cooked meals including a drink for probably less than £6.  We had a mushroom omelette, chips & salad, and a full English brekkie, plus very good coffees, which might not sound thrilling but it was top quality and worth writing about on here. 

A trip to Covent Garden in arctic conditions after leaving the cosy Stiles Bakery, to carry out a secret mission.  I'm not a fan of Covent Garden at the weekend these's impossible to navigate and you could wander aimlessly for ages.  Next time I'll be armed with a compass and an A-Z.  Alternatively, if someone could leave a trail of biscuit crumbs back to the tube, I'd be grateful.

Keep warm everyone & pray that London Transport runs normally tomorrow!

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