Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Busy times....

but good times. 

Spring has sprung (for the moment anyway).  The sun has come out, the trees outside my flat have pink blossom on them, and the fake fur coat is very close to being put away until next Winter.

Anyone that knows me well will know I'd been counting down the days until my evening out last Tuesday.  The lovely Mr Ant was doing a short, intimate gig at Proud in Camden.  Tied in with this was an exhibition of black & white photos (Dandy in the Underworld) taken by various (probably) famous folk.  Lots of beautiful pictures I'd have liked to take home if I'd had the money.  I managed to get a fairly decent view at the gig.  Being tall-ish has it's benefits in these situations.  Although not a very long gig, he did play some of my favourite older tracks (Car Trouble, Young Parisians etc), as well as the predictable T-Rex covers.

Thursday saw a night out in Old Street with my red-haired twin.  First stop - The Book Club for a viewing of Dean Chalkleys' short film "The New Faces" (a black & white 20 min film featuring a few of the new young mods).  Sorry Dean (and sorry Scott who was in the film) but I wasn't overly impressed.  Maybe a soundtrack was needed but after 5 mins of rambling and silent dancing, I was bored.  I would have preferred a documentary showing their day to day lives, clubbing, shopping etc. but instead it just dragged on a bit.  And.....where were the free drinks?  Thursday (as you know folks) is free night in London!!!!!  http://vimeo.com/37107257

We escaped The Book Club and headed off to 33ft East to see The Sonic Jewels.  The band deserved better than they got.  A big fail on the promotors' part again perhaps?  Fun was still had regardless.
Thanks for a nice night Laurence, Justin & Danny.  We enjoyed it anyway!

I did a days' extra work on The King of Soho on Sunday...in Soho strangely enough.  As I was dreading, my age meant I was given the worlds' most hideous outfits.  Not enough that I had a hideous 1970s outfit to begin with but the swines thought I should keep the said hideous outfit to cover the 60s too (a change of coat makes all the difference you know).  My red hair meant having to wear a wig which turned me into Hayley from Coronation Street or a very bad transvestite.  I will not be pointing myself out to anyone during these scenes.  I finally rid myself of the wig and was given a slightly less hideous 80s outfit to wear and had my hair sprayed into huge flicks....think Toyah meets Maggie Thatcher.  Unfortunately more Maggie Thatcher than Toyah.  We spent the day filming in Rupert Street, Old Compton Street and in and around The French House - all regular haunts of mine.  I met some fantastic people and laughed til I cried....so perhaps I'll forgive the hideous clothes...perhaps.

....which brings me up to this week and possibly a quietish one.  I started off the week with "Lolita" at the Society Film Club.  A great film but incredibly long.  I get twitchy after an hour and a half or so, so perhaps this wasn't the best choice for me.

I've got an appointment with a spag bol and a hair-dyeing friend now so toodle pip!

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