Sunday, 1 April 2012

Happy April.....

It's gone mid-day so I can't even make up an "ever so hilarious" April Fools blog for you.  Instead, a few rambling paragraphs about nothing in particular.

Since I last rambled, the clocks have changed, I've lost more weight, gained some more (work) clients and not done much else.

I went for a casting to be a Cilla Black looky likey for a Simian Mobile Disco video.  (Nope, I'm not 100% sure who they are either!).  I knew straight away that I wasn't in with a chance when they asked me to do acting type things and talk about religion on camera.  As my entire "acting" experience consists of standing around in bad wigs, generally with "husbands" that are 30 years older than me, I didn't really have a hope in hell.  What I'm looking for, dear casting agencies, is a part where I can keep my hair as it is and wear something resembling normality.  Thanks.

Mother and a friend came to visit for a few hours the other day and we went to Highgate Village to partake in a spot of lunch.  Spotted:  One Mr Diggle, plus a few North London posh folk. 

Society Film Club on Monday showed one of my favourites - Absolute Beginners.  Watching the film when it came out in the early 80s made me want to move to London.  Not that I really considered living in something resembling a squat off the Portobello Road and keeping my clothes in the fridge, but the overall feeling of the film definitely had something to do with me wanting to escape the countryside back then.  The soundtrack is fantastic and includes one of the best Style Council tracks made - Have You Ever Had it Blue?  I seem to remember the film wasn't everyones' cup of tea but it was mine!  Well done lovely Eve Ferret for her part as Big Jill.

And bringing me back up-to-date - I'm here in deepest, darkest, Wiltshire at the moment, for my Gran's 89th birthday.  The said Gran has just cooked a top notch Sunday lunch and refuses to let me do the same until she's lost the use of all four of her limbs.  I'll let her carry on as her Sunday lunches would always be better than mine.  Happy Birthday Gran!

The trip to Grans was the usual eventful affair - having to use the local community bus service which makes me feel positively posh and urban.  Every passenger a character out of League of Gentlemen.  Two mad men commented on my hair colour and no doubt continued to comment after I'd got off.  I'm a sight in these 'ere parts you know.

Wiltshire this time has basically consisted of eating out.  A Lee family meal to celebrate Rays' birthday in Marlborough on Friday, and an English family meal yesterday to celebrate Grans.  I will now live off dust for the rest of the week, to make room for Easter Weekend shenanigans.

Is it cocktail time yet?

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