Sunday, 15 April 2012

Mid-month ramblings....

I've realised that no blogging has occurred since the beginning of April.  Were you concerned Frock Fans?  My silence is probably due to "not doing very much of interest" and "mostly doing work this weekend".  Boo I hear you say.

Was expecting great things from a soul night advertised at the 100 Club the other day.  Gary Crowley and Ady Croasdell down as djs?  A couple of mod bands?  Couldn't go wrong surely?  If a room packed full of drunk annoying students was your thing, you'd have loved it.  We, however, didn't.  Perhaps I was drunk and annoying once too but that's just no excuse.  Kids - I have personal space issues and a hatred for rucksacks. Please stay at home next time.  Shame about the audience as the music was good and I'd have quite liked to have a dance.  As my fellow 100 clubber that night commented "Thank god I didn't open a new pair of tights"!!!!!!

Easter weekend continued with a visit from a Brighton friend.  We had a quick look round Barboot in Crouch End and ended up in Kiss the Sky for a couple of cheeky Espresso Martinis.  The music in Kiss the Sky was pretty good - Two Tone and Soul, but the Martinis were better.  Note for self - must go during happy hour the next time.

It turned out to be a pretty quiet Easter due to the weather being rubbish, not having much money and there not being much on.  In consolation, we went to check out a new restaurant in Crouch End for a well-deserved lunch - The Blue Legume.  We were pretty impressed with the place - the food was delicious (they had halloumi on the menu - nuff said) and they gave me a discount card for the next time we visit.  The next time we visit, dessert!

Back to the Society Club Shop this week for yet another excellent exhibition/book launch.  This time round - "Punks Dead".  Gorgeous, gorgeous pics of Siouxsie etc.  Siouxsie apparently made an appearance, as did Mark Moore - I didn't see either but wish I had as it would have made my latest "Celebrity Spot of the Day" top quality.  The Society Club Shop & Film Club have been quite a big part of my social life in the past year - thanks Babette, Carrie & Robert!  Long may it continue.

....and maybe next time I write this waffle, it might be half interesting.

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