Monday, 7 May 2012

St Swithin - Do one!

Another blog and it's still raining.  The ark is under construction and I'm about sail to off to warmer climes.  Enough is enough.

It's pretty quiet at the moment as rain has continued to prevent much play but never mind, I'm here in a nice flat, with a nice cup of tea, some crappy tv and the heating on.  Could be worse.

I went to my old homestead of Brighton for a very short break on Friday, unfortunately for a visit which included a trip to the dentist.  The love that I once had for Brighton seems to have gone, sad though it is.  I think that perhaps I've been spoilt living in one of the nicer parts of London these days but being greeted at the station by the sight of hen parties in inappropriate clothing with inflatable genitalia (that sounds like they themselves had inflatable genitalia - not what I meant!) did nothing for me.  They were everywhere, being loud and obnoxious, getting under your feet and generally being a nuisance.  A few people have commented that Brighton never used to be this bad but I think perhaps we all just ignored the hen & stag parties, junkies and annoyances.  They were probably always there.  My suggestion to you hen & stag parties - Blackpool is lovely apparently & it's there, just waiting for you.  Ann Summers shops and 50p shots a go go.  See ya!

As much as I disliked the above, it was nice to see some friends and my most favourite little girl in the world.  Dolly I love you.

We dodged the showers yesterday, braved the rail replacement bus and headed to my old haunt, The Spread Eagle in Camden.  The legend that is DJ Wheelie Bag was running a little event called Shindig, as part of the Camden Crawl Festival.  DJ Wheelie Bag is new to me but he apparently IS a legend to those in the know.  He managed to pack out the pub, played great vinyl from his funny little dj trolley with twirling half naked Barbie Dolls attached to it, had grown rockabilly types playing Buffalo Bingo for Poundland prizes and gave out Wagon Wheels. Our mate Mr Edwards played some great ska, we drank prosecco and watched a Johnny Cash tribute band.  Much fun was had.

I'm off....that ark won't finish itself.

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