Sunday, 8 May 2011

Dentistry Hell

When a new dentist tells you that you need a tooth taken out by surgery, 5 teeth re-filled, and a crown, totalling £1,000, what do you do?  a) Believe them and cough up the dosh, or b) Get a second opinion?

A kindly work colleague gave me a Quality Street Easter Egg the other day.  The said egg had a toffee in it which took half my filling out when I noshed upon it.  Having already given my old kindly dentist in Brighton the heave ho when I moved, what was I to do?  Google told me about some so called NHS dentists in my vicinity so off I went, only to be told I needed all the above work doing.  Now as I only thought I needed a bit of a filling sorted out, this came as a huge, expensive shock to me.  I'd only been for a check up six months ago so where did all this necessary work come from?  I won't name the dentist concerned as I'm not sure of libel laws but I felt they were trying to rip me off and it seems they were.  Someone call Watchdog and now!  I went back to my old dentist, grovelling of course, and was told that infact none of the said work needed doing at all....except my filling.  The motto of this story kids is if you feel you're being conned, get second opinion.  My treatment ended up costing £65, not the £1,000 quoted. 

After the pain and expense of having 3 titanium pins drilled into my jaw to keep my tooth in, I needed to have an easy weekend.  I don't think I did too bad however....still no staying in eating prawn balls....not really.  Saturday consisted of a Pop Up Vintage Shop in the Railway Tavern, which I've mentioned before.  There were a fair few nice pieces there but as always, were either too big or too small.  As my new rule is never to buy anything that doesn't fit exactly, I didn't buy a thing.  Lunch this time round was at Hot Pepper Jelly.  I'd read about this little place on Twitter and it lives up to it's recommendations - a good, cheap menu.  I'd recommend the Mexican Breakfast Enchiladas with Grilled Halloumi.  We headed off to a so called "Vintage Tea Party" at The Boogaloo in Highgate next.  I don't think a few cupcakes on a stand constitute a tea party but there were a few nice vintage things outside.  Always worth a look I think.  We finished off in Highgate Village for a couple of well-needed glasses of Pimms & Lemonade & a cake stop.  What was with the weather yesterday?  Hideously hot and sticky.  Maybe it wasn't the weather, maybe it was me.

Back to my new favourite place, Primrose Hill, today....for lunch once again at Trojka and a bit of celebrity spotting over a large glass of Rose'.  Paps were everywhere today.  They missed us of course.  They also missed a very pregnant Kate Hudson whilst spending too much time concentrating on Gwen Stefani.  I feel sorry for these people who can't even leave their house for a cup of coffee without being smothered by fat, sweaty paparazzi.  Their poor little kids must be absolutely terrified by the attention and not have a clue what's going on.  Rather them than me.

Another weekend done.  Ciao darlings.

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