Sunday, 15 May 2011

A quiet weekend....

Today's post will be short & sweet.  A girl can't be expected to update you all with tales of sex, drugs and rock & roll every week now can she?  (or any week come to that).

Yesterday my Mum visited with my Aunt & her hubby who live in the States.  I'd promised to give them a tour of Crouch End's many bakeries - for their benefit you understand, not mine.  Dunns turned out to be a firm favourite....with us and about a trillion other people who were in there too.  Apparently it's just been National Donut Week.  If I'd have known, I'd had taken full advantage of it obviously.  Dunns were selling donuts for charity so I did my bit...hopefully I've saved a small child somewhere.  I couldn't persuade visiting folk to go to Banners so lunch was at Pizza Bella which was, well, ok I guess.  Cheap and cheerful but nothing spectacular.  Perhaps I've been spoilt lately.

I'd been meaning to do some of the Parkland Walk for a few weeks now but other goings on have got in the way so visitors were a perfect excuse to do it yesterday.  You can access the old railway track next to my house and we walked along to Highgate.  It's a lovely place - very peaceful - and not a sign of drunks or junkies.  If I were a drunk or a junkie, I'd head straight for the railway track!  Although we didn't spot any, it seems there are a lot of fox cubs around at the moment, which explains the strange noises I've been hearing in the middle of the night.  I actually thought there might be monkeys in Crouch End!  I like the thought of little cubs playing in the road outside my house so next time I hear them, maybe I'll try and take some photos.  We went to the gorgeous little Queens Wood cafe' in Highgate after our walk.....I'm not sure they make much money but I love it's proper faerie land!!!!!!

And today....amongst other things, a large Pimms at The Clissold, before we got evicted as a private function was about to take place.  We imagined Ray Davies in there, wearing one of the Clissold embroidered blankets.......more likely someone's birthday party.

Enjoy what's left of your Sunday folks x

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