Monday, 20 June 2011

Rainy Days and...umm Sundays

Do you like what I did there?

Will this rain never end?  Why does it always rain when I have visitors?  Weather questions that need to be answered!

Alison & Jimi came to stay this weekend and I was hoping to show them Crouch End bathed in sunshine.  Alas no!  Nevertheless, we had a lovely time...just a lovely time in the rain rather than the sun.

Highgate Fair in the Square was on Saturday.  There were about 50 or so stalls, mainly run by local groups/charities.  I was very happy to see the lovely ladies from The Little Chill Cafe' (soon to open their own bricks & morter cafe') selling their wares.  If I wasn't already full from mascarpone cheesecake, you all know I would have bought something.  (Talking of which, why is there never any Sloe Gin Eton Mess at The Angel Inn when I go?).  The Pearly Kings & Queens were out in force again.  Another there really such a thing as a Highgate Pearly Queen?  Surely you can't hear the sound of bow bells in N6!  We walked back to Crouch End after the fair, along lovely Hornsey Lane and over the infamous, unmentionable bridge where a man lingering around by the railings, muttering to himself, made me feel very uncomfortable.  I hope he made it home safely.

Saturday night?  Zen Sai Happy Hour?  It'd be rude not to.  Where were all the 50s folk this weekend?  At least Johnny No Cash turned up or it would've been dead as a doorpost.  I think we drank our way through the Happy Hour menu pretty easily....from mango daquiris to melon & strawberry concoctions to dark & stormys.   I was born to drink cocktails you know....cocktails and champagne.

On a whim, we decided to go to the Doublebreasted Modzine alldayer, A Little Mixed Up.  We got to see a couple of bands, The Mynd Set and Modus, both of which were pretty good actually.  I don't like alldayers much normally.  The thought of being stuck in a dark & dingey pub from early afternoon to gone midnight generally fills me with dread....I remember being stuck in The Forum once at a mod revival day and climbing the walls...not because I don't like the bands or seeing people, more the fact that you are quite often nowhere near anything worth being near, with nowhere else to escape to. 

Sunday, rain, and breakfast/brunch (what time does brunch happen???) at Haberdashery where I had a particularly scrummy halloumi veggie breakfast.  As my friends said, Haberdashery have got it right in just about every sense.....good service, good value & yummy, interesting food.  Tea always tastes better from teapots and out of china cups, and tea at Haberdashery is particularly good. 

Finished off the weekend with a quick trip to East Finchley Festival in Cherry Tree Wood.  Not a lot to say about it really rained.  The stalls weren't really my sort of thing but then again, I'm a fussy so and so.

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