Monday, 13 June 2011

The weekend starts here!

Another weekend gone in the blink of an eye.  I'm very aware that on a Sunday night, I'm already planning the next weekend's goings on but am also very aware that my life probably won't be quite exciting in Winter!

An early start on Saturday so as to get to the Hobbs 75% off sale in Belsize Park before everyone else!  Getting there 5 mins early paid off as 15 mins after the advertised start time, it was carnage!  Posh birds scratching each other's eyes out over a suit jacket.  Not true - I made it up - but it was crowded with middle-aged North London ladies grabbing anything that looked like it might have fitted them - whether they wanted it or not.  For once, quite a few things were too big for me but I did end up going home with a nice black skirt with pleats in the back AND which was a size 12.  Take note everyone, a size 12!!!!!  A quick trip to the Emporium Bakery afterwards, just for a coffee I might add.  They re-stocked the cakes just as we were leaving - the swines! 

Whilst in Belsize Park, we walked past an interesting little place that turned out to be the Everyman Cinema.  We will be returning as it looks like it could be a nice little venue.  Shame we missed the Vidal Sassoon film.

Saturday night was random to say the least but, looking back, was fairly interesting I guess.  We went down to the Royal Festival Hall on the Southbank to watch a supposed re-creation of Ready Steady Go!  (part of Meltdown this year).   Now, in my mind, a re-creation of a cult 1960s music show should consist of bands of the time, playing songs of the time, surrounded by dancers on stage.  Manfred Mann kicked it off with "5, 4, 3, 2, 1" (one of many singles that my Mum gave to me when I was 12) and I had high hopes for the night but there was a wasted opportunity for greatness!  Amongst the original bands were current artists, singing their own current songs.  All a bit wrong if you ask me!  When Carl Barat came on, the elderly couple next to me asked who he was!  I felt a bit for those people who paid over £30 expecting something a bit different than they got.  There were, however, moments of brilliance - Sandie Shaw (who looked like she was having the best time in the world) and David McAlmont.  Nona Hendryx dragging people on stage to dance was a cringeworthy moment but not as cringeworthy as her tribute to Dusty Springfield, where she didn't know the words to "I only want to be with you".  Uggh.

Our omnipresent mate Dave was djaying after the show.  The Elvis wig dancing men had turned up, which is a sign of a good night!  If anyone reading this knows anything about them, I'd love to hear their story.  They are of a similar ilk to the Michael Jackson jazz dance man from Brighton!  Geno Washington did a free (what seemed like) 4 hour set which must have been pretty darn amazing for his fans.  I saw him once, years ago, in Swindon where, I think, Teddy White & the Popular Boy Crooners supported him.  All these years later, he's still as mad as a box of frogs but I love him.

Rain prevented play yesterday so that was my weekend.  Over & out.....

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