Wednesday, 2 June 2010

June - better than May?

May wasn't a good month at all for so many people I know - deaths, suicides, break-ups & general upset all round.  I know I'm not the only one who is hoping that June is going to be better - it couldn't be any worse I'm sure.  Jonathan Cainer is the man who knows and he said it is - for me at least.  I'll be going round his house with a big stick if he's lying.

So for today's blog and in an attempt to make my social life sound interesting, I'm just rambling incessantly about things that are on during June.

Firstly, tomorrow I'm meeting up with a friend I met originally on Friendster (remember that?) or MySpace many moons ago.  She moved from San Francisco to Berlin to study for a while and I had a great time out there visiting her.  She's been in Manchester for months now and we havn't had a chance to meet up but tomorrow it's lunch in Brighton for us.  Hurrah!  Kristin:  Hope you don't mind me putting your pic on my blog - don't worry, no-one reads it anyway!!!!!

Saturday is a possible trip up to Carnaby Street for it's 50th anniversary, unfortunately named Summer of Love.  Normally I'd avoid Carnaby Street like the plague as it's not like it use to be - cliche' I know but it's true.  I started going up there in my mid teens as a little mod girl, looking for cheap vinyl in an upstairs flea market type place, and buying boating blazers.  Twas here that I spent so much time - later progressing to visits to Charlies tailors for hipster trousers that stopped fitting me all too long ago.  So back to 2010 - this weekend sees bands playing, no doubt go go dancers in shop windows and probably the odd scooter or two.  Obvious worries concerning Carnaby Street this weekend but I'm hoping common sense prevails and I'll get there.  The Universal, Connett & The Small Fakers (Small Faces tribute band) are playing amongst others:

Also this weekend is the lovely Frock Me vintage fair in Brighton on Sunday.  Not sure whether I should actually go this time round as money is a bit tight in June but no doubt I will and be sorry afterwards.

Now this might surprise some people but I like old things!!!!!  So I'm going to be going along to 75th Anniversary Bus Rally on 13 June, with camera in hand.  I always miss the old vehicle days on Madeira Drive but not this time.

Blimey, June is looking particularly interesting - weather hold out please!  On to 18 June now and two things happening that night, Modesty at The Dorset and The Hush Club at Northern Lights.  Will try to get to both of them - both free & both excellent music:

Finally (phew!) this brings me to the last weekend in June, by which time all my hard earned cash will have practically run out unfortunately but roll on next payday!  26/27 is a weekend in London as one of my best friends is over from NY and we'll be frequenting our old haunts in Camden and the like.  No doubt it'll feel like we've never been gone and much gossiping will be done.  See you soon Dawn!

Over & out.

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