Sunday, 13 June 2010

On the Buses

Another sunny day in Brighton which called for an early breakfast in St Ann's Wells Gardens. 

Nothing better than veggie breakfast in the sun.  I would recommend this lovely little place to anyone - great food & the most peaceful park that I know (apart from a few fluffy dogs and babies!).

Looking forward to Tapas Fridays that they have in the Summer.

I love this place so much it deserves a link:

My weekend and love of old things continued with the 75th anniversary of Brighton & Hove Buses.  Maybe not the best planning to have loads of new buses right at the start of Madeira Drive, as the likes of us nearly went home there & then.  Buses obviously have spotters like trains do.  Lots of strange types with their notepads, getting overly excited at the Number 27 bus to Hangleton.  We stuck with it like the troopers we are and luckily found the vintage ones further on.  Beautiful, beautiful buses that they should never have done away with.  How can anyone get excited over the current Number 7 when there was once this. To think that this would have been the bus I used to get home.  Blah to the new ones!

And just purely because I like them, here are some old signs on one of the buses.  I wonder what happened to Sylvia?

We took a bus ride on an old open-top bus up to Rottingdean and a lovely time was had by all.  The driver wasn't joking when he said we'd be passing under some VERY low tree branches and would all have to duck on the top deck!!!!!!  I managed to get there and back without losing an eye or having to pick lots of flies out of my hair! 

And finally, some random pics from our walk along the seafront this morning. 

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