Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Diets and the problem with them

I'm getting larger by the week and this is not good - not good at all.  Clothes are hard enough to find as it is and I really do not want to be going into the 'larger lady' category.  I know my friends mean well but if they truly admit it, I've put on weight and a lot of it.

Slimfast has worked for me in the past but I'm not in the mood for liquids and pasta that tastes like anything but pasta.  And salads are great but don't fill me up and I constantly think about what to eat next.

This is the problem I'm facing - a kitchen full of biscuits, just calling out to me.  I'm not even a sweet type of a girl - more savoury - but I can't get to the good stuff for the cookies in the way!

I should add that the kitchen in question is at work not at home.  I did a healthy shop at the weekend I'll have you know and never buy this sort of stuff.

We do have some healthy stuff at work - fruit for instance - but it's just not interesting me at the moment. 

I need a diet that consists of things I like and things that fill me up - so yogurts and chai lattes it is then.  Can I live on that?  I actually noticed that spiced chai lattes have a fairly large fat & calorie content for a cup so I've even got to cut down on those.  This is not good.

If I don't lose weight this month, drastic measures will have to be taken.  Body wrap anyone?

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