Sunday, 13 June 2010

Rockabilly Rebel

Fear not trusty blog followers, I have returned.  I can imagine how frantic you've been, wondering if I've ever recovered from Carnaby Street.  I have indeed but have had a stressful week hence my disappearance!

The weekend has been a real mix of old things which you know are my favourite things!!!!  Saturday was an afternoon of rockabilly loveliness in Gardner Street, organised by Mark of The Dorset.  Lots of pretty well-dressed things that unfortunately I didn't get pictures of but tattoos a plenty and lovely make-up on show.  If I wasn't afraid of pain and didn't look stupid in bright red lipstick, I'd be into that scene myself.  Instead, I'll stick with my 60s stuff and watch from the sidelines.

They had a 50s hairdresser cutting hair for free...and very nice it was too.  I realised that a good 50s haircut can do wonders for the men of Brighton & suggest lots of them get down to his salon like NOW!  I wonder what he could do for me with my unruly curly hair that either makes me look like Shirley Temple or Ken Dodd....neither of which is a good look!  Pity Brighton & Hove Council refused the let Hot Rods park up in Gardner Street (that'll be the Green Party for you no doubt!) but a very nice time was had by all & much vodka & pimms was consumed in the sun.  Sunburnt?  Moi?

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