Monday, 31 May 2010

Smoothies & Skirts

Although mine don't look as appetising as this, I've gone smoothie crazy this weekend!  Not sure if they'll actually help with my goal to lose weight but let's see.  Smoothie of the morning:  Grape, Blueberry & Raspberry.  Yum!

I finally went to Hobbs earlier - to track down my dream skirt that I saw on Gok Wan last week, and which caused much excitement from a certain Miss Froberg on Facebook.  Although this is indeed my dream skirt, the price-tag of £89 did scare bit a bit!  Luckily (or not) the Brighton store didn't have my dream skirt and don't know if they're going to get it so perhaps it's for the best!  I managed to get out the shop without spending all my salary on things I loved but didn't really need.  Since getting home, I've found all of these things on the Hobbs website and I'll now be hoping they turn up on ebay in the near future!

Oh now I've looked at them again, I really want all of these things NOW!  Maybe I could stretch to the purple top - safe bet.  Out with the Visa Electron card perhaps.

This long weekend has gone way too quick.  Just time for a bit of cleaning, testing out my new iron, watching some crap tv and maybe a few more of these:

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