Monday, 24 May 2010

Stockholm Syndrome

I'm missing Stockholm today.  Sunny days like this remind me of my lovely second home in Bagarmossen that I had for too short a time.  I was so incredibly lucky finding it - £320 for a huge place, no bills, and 2 toilets!!!!

I didn't know much about Bagarmossen before I moved there.  I'd only heard that it was a bit rough and a bit far out - neither of these turned out to be the case.  My metro journey into Sodermalm was only 12 mins door to door and as I spent the majority of my time there, 12 mins was perfect!  The little square near my flat was a bit of a meeting place for Stockholm's, let's say, unusual types but I felt safe, even coming home from my club at 3 or 4 in the morning.

My apartment block was classed as being 'old' despite it being built in the 50s - hence the cheap rent I guess.  I was 2 mins away from 2 supermarkets, a chemist, a library (with an english section) and the best takeaway pizza hut I've been to.  I avoided The Sherlock Holmes Inn but I'd heard a lot about it!

It was in Bagarmossen that I experienced the swedish laundry experience for the first time.  Most apartment blocks/houses in Sweden have a laundry room which you gain access to with an electronic key fob.  My laundry room was just up the road through a gorgeous little flowery wood and was used by several blocks.  I was very proud of myself that first time I managed to figure out how to book myself a 2 hour laundry slot using my fob and basic knowledge of swedish!  I actually found it quite a nice experience - very different from english laundries.  You have access to 2 washing machines, a dryer, a dryer cupboard, rails and a laundry trolley.....making it all very easy and painfree!

With that, I'll leave it there as I'm sure no-one is at all interested in the swedish laundry process, particularly not swedes!  I could ramble for hours about my love of Stockholm but those of you that know me have heard it before - maybe another time!

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