Monday, 17 May 2010

Initial ramblings

I wrote a diary from the age of 7 until 42. I guess I'm sort of missing the opportunity to write my thoughts down so here we are. Don't expect any blogging on my lovelife (or lack of it) or personal life but do expect blogging on random thrilling things such as what I ate for lunch, what particularly lovely vintage dress I found today (with photographic evidence) or where I've been that's worth documenting!

It feels like Summer has hit Brighton today - evidence of this is the whitest of white legs in those unpleasant cropped trousers that make you look shorter than you are.....capri pants if you're fashionable - unpleasant cropped trousers if you're not. Linen is showing it's ugly face on the streets of Brighton - this worries me greatly and as I've said elsewhere, summer will not be pretty if there's much more of it about!

Still raving about "Worried about the Boy" which was on BBC2 last night. Great soundtrack and makes me wish I'd been part of that new romo movement - instead I was a little mod, singing along in my bedroom to "Glory Boys" and wearing my Gran's two-pieces.

Cath's recommended website of the day:

My first blog is done. Whether it gets more exciting is yet to be seen!

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