Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

This is getting silly now - it's only been 5 weeks and I need a haircut. For those of you who think curly hair is "lovely" - it really isn't. You try living with it and you'll see!

I was unlucky enough to have the nickname "Crystal Tips" as a child - only people of a certain age will understand that. Then I discovered the mod scene in my teens and chopped the whole lot off, going for that mod girl circa 64 look - i.e. like a flat chested bloke with no hair!

I did the bleached thing too - which really is NOT a good idea when you have hair like mine. My one and only time having a bleach job done resulted in a slightly pink tinge and a nosebleed.

So into the 90s, the mod scene where I lived died down, I moved to a hippie town (all joss sticks and standing stones) and got into the grunge/indie scene - Mudhoney, New Model Army, The Levellers blah blah blah - part of this being extremely bad clothes (so bad I refuse to post any pics) and dreadlocks (the only other way to cope with curly hair!). Oh and I did the crimping, pillerbox directions hairdye thing too OBVIOUSLY!

It took two people to cut the buggers out when I moved to London in the early 90s - I remember the look of horror on the poor trainee's face in Kensington Market! By pure fluke, I was left with a nice little pixie mod cut after they'd gone which suited me nicely as by that time I'd got back into the mod scene and had started frequenting the original Blow Up at the Laurel Tree where I can't imagine they'd look too kindly on crusty so and sos like myself!

So here we are again, still stuck with the curly hair, no longer wanting to go down the dreadlocked route obviously. Trevor Sorbie, please sort it out!


  1. The first time I met you, you had dreads. It was outside Cranks close to Carnaby street. I think you were with Bunny. You always look lovely though as you have a great face.

  2. and strangely enough I remember that too - all those years ago...I was with Tina I think and you were with Ulrika, and I remember saying how much I liked you both as you didn't care that I had dreads...and nor did Trevor French at Blow Up