Sunday, 23 May 2010

These are a few of my favourite things......

Hottest day of the year so far apparently.  I should probably be out burning my shoulders or feeling slightly sick from the heat or something but instead I'm having a "chores day".  Us adults who work until 6 every night unfortunately have to do these things - no avoiding the laundry, the cleaning or the grocery shopping at weekends.  So.....laundry, check!, grocery shopping, check! cleaning....oh sod that.

There are going to be big changes in my flat in the next few months - furniture/decor wise - so I've taken a few pics of how things are in my little home right now. Plans afoot include a fab new sofa and some more storage:

So here are some of my favourite things in the flat at the moment:

I need some interesting shoe storage solutions.  Any suggestions gratefully received!  And yes I know the price is still on one of the pairs & yes I'm cheap!

Hell to dust but I love my random ornaments.  These will stay in some form or another I'm sure.

The Lloyd Loom chair has been passed down to me from my Mum who used to feed me in it in 1966/67.  It will go with me wherever I go.  The other chair was a present.  Not the most comfortable computer chair for the amount of hours I sit on it but I love it regardless.

And these are just some random pics of random things - no reasoning behind them - just things at home I like!

And with that, I will leave you to enjoy the sunshine and your Sunday.  I'm off to make some lunch and watch "Frock Me".


  1. Love the loom chair, the family connection must make it especially dear to you...and that fabulous coffee pot, they really knew how to decorate for appeal in those days.