Sunday, 30 May 2010

Glory Boys

No blogging time yesterday so catching up today.

I had a well deserved indian head massage at Revitalise in Church Road yesterday morning - very nice it was too.  Am contemplating going to their "Taster Session" next Sunday where you can try out mini therapies on the cheap!  I actually slept well last night thanks to the massage - or was it the cider?

Last night was a quick trip to The Sidewinder and then on to the Concorde for Long Tall Shorty and Secret Affair.  If you've read my blog before, you'll know that Secret Affair were the first band I ever saw in my teens so this was a huge nostalgia trip for me. 

Both bands were excellent & people seemed to come out of the woodwork for the gig which was nice.  I'd forgotten how many great songs Secret Affair had back then (and I still remember most of the words!) and they still sound as good now.  Two encores and they kept my favourite til last - Glory Boys.  Definitely a song that shaped my teenage years and I'll always love it.  Was disappointed to see that not more people had made an effort to dress up and that they still insist on doing the "We are the Mods" thing when they should know better at their age....but I loved the night regardless!

Other ramblings today:  It must be the weather or something but it seems that Brighton's teenagers are having kids at the moment like there's no tomorrow.  I saw at least 3 on the bus this morning - all about 14 at the most.  I don't get it - we're lucky enough to have free contraception in this country, there's plenty to do in Brighton and they must have learnt by now that they don't automatically get a house if they have a baby so what's with it?

and....I see we came last in the Eurovision last night.  No surprise there then!  Maybe England should have taken the Justin Lee Collins song - we might have had more of a chance - but then again!

I've turned on the tv to see a load of men chasing a ball round - some major footie game apparently.  Off to plant up my chillis then!

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