Friday, 21 May 2010

Chillis, Scarves & Plans for the weekend

I'd like to say it was steaming hot in Brighton today but I think steaming is probably a bit overboard.  It is warm though and I left my coat at home this morning for the first time in ages.  The office is hot & sticky and I thought that rather than complain, I'd make good use of it.  I'm going to start with growing chillis from a little set that was on Amazon today - a bargain price of £5.74.   Let's see what happens.

I had a little package delivered from ebay today.  Always an exciting moment in my life.  I truly am easily pleased.  I buy these things and then think about what I can wear them with later but I'm sure this will come in useful somewhere!

Tomorrow after my well needed haircut, I'll be dropping by the St Ann's Wells festival.  St Ann's is one of my favourite places in Brighton and 2 mins from my house.  Last year I was responsible for booking all the acts on the music stage, sorting out their backline needs and generally persuading them they didn't need to get paid!!!!!  Dolly is coming dressed as a ladybird - I'm not!  Am hoping to partake in a therapy, a cupcake, and a glass of the fizzy stuff.  If you're on Facebook, here's the event link:!/event.php?eid=127825530565960&index=1

Happy weekend everyone!

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  1. wish I was there to play. Would probably even do it for free ;-)