Thursday, 27 May 2010

Mojitos and Mods

Someone asked me today what I write my blog about.  I should have a theme I guess but instead I just told her that it was just me rambling about crap.  As payday isn't until tomorrow, the mention of frocks I've purchased has been pretty slim so apologies to anyone that's clicked on this expecting some fashion news from the streets of Brighton!

For our weekly work lunch today, we went to Giraffe (again!).  They love us in there.  No-one else in the whole of town probably spends as much as we do!!!!!!  I think we should be awarded with something - a "Best Customers of the Decade" plaque maybe.  As today was a special (but sad) day in our office, desserts or cocktails were definitely needed after our usual main courses.  I went for the largest, most expensive (probably) cocktail - a trusty Mojito.  Very nice it was too.  I needed it after the hairy lettuce that bothered me so much.

Much excitement at work this morning when I realised that a work colleague not only knew what mod revival bands were but actually went to see them in the 80s like I did, at the same places I did!  I think that we almost definitely know the same people as he came from Ilford and I knew a lot of the infamous "East London (la la la)" back then!  Tis a small world as not only did he know an ex of Mick Talbot but I knew his wife....maybe he just got around a bit!  I will be reporting back after Secret Affair and Long Tall Shorty at the weekend.  Am hoping there's not too much bad parka wearing and "We are the Mods" chanting going on as the guaranteed audience is at least in their mid 40s. chilli plants came today so I'm on a compost buying mission before work tomorrow so we can get planting.

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  1. We have two chilli plant kits that need potting... Should get going really, as we've had them since December!