Saturday, 22 May 2010

Park Life

Hot, Hot, Hot!

An early trip to the hairdressers this morning, with my only request being "don't make me look ROUGH" when asked how short would I go?  Short indeed and a home dye job desperately needed because of it.  Signs everywhere about  Trevor Sorbie has come up with the best idea - cutting & styling wigs for cancer patients.  Having seen some horrific wigs in my time, I love this!  If having cancer isn't traumatic enough for everyone concerned, looking like Mrs Doubtfire really doesn't help so well done Trevor!

St Ann's Wells Festival this afternoon - a million times bigger, better & sunnier than last year.  I think a champagne area would be a great addition (Lou, if you're reading this!!!!).  Didn't get to see any of the bands this time round but was glad to see that white-gloved man was around, doing his infamous white-gloved dance.  I've searched "Jazz Dance Man Brighton", "White Gloved Man Brighton" but am failing in my quest to find photos.  Dolly spent hours making her ladybird costume for the park and it paid off.

Reluctance to queue for nosh at the park meant a visit to Tutti Fruitti at the Dials for a small snack.  I've never actually managed to get a seat in here before (which is the sign of a good deli I guess!) but the sun today meant everyone was barbecuing I guess.  Takeouts have always been particularly yummy and I'm happy to report that eating in is just as good.  Recommendation from moi - Goats Cheese & Pesto stuffed tomatoes.

Bye everyone - I'm off to monitor the copious amounts of Facebook comments that are coming in thanks to Dolly's ladybird outfit!  Enjoy the sunshine!

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