Thursday, 20 May 2010


I've been sleeping as badly as friends with small babies lately.  Last night's 4 hours was a joke.  I've tried everything - early nights, late nights, hot drinks, hot baths.  Only two things work for me and neither of those are really do-able right now!  Please send any sensible suggestions to me or I'll be going the same way as the sad individual in the pic.

Something has gone wrong with this blog layout today - perhaps its me and the lack of sleep situation.

On a nicer note, we ventured to The Victory Pub on Duke Street for our weekly lunch today and very nice it was too.  I've walked past a million times but never been in once in my 10 years in Brighton.  I'll be going back that's for sure.  Although not very clear, here's the menu.

Finally, I'm able to book my next trip 'up North to see friends in Newcastle and visit my old club Pop Klubb.  For anyone wanting cheap travel up there, get on the East Coast Trains website FAST - singles are £9, if you're lucky, at the moment.

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