Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Fabric lovely Fabric

I wish I had sewing skills but unfortunately I even failed my CSE textiles exam as I spilt orange juice on my half finished school blouse and gave up. I'm currently living vicariously on the sewing front through a work friend who also doubles up as my dressmaker. She's already made a lovely polka dot dress & hipster skirt, and I think a candy stripe summer top is up next.

So...today we went for a rummage round the fabric shops down the Laines. Too much linen could have ruined my day but I coped admirably!

One of her next creations is going to be a gorgeous little gingham dress with a peter pan collar. Here's a link to her own blog - http://louise-designs.blogspot.com/.

And not really connected but I saw this on the way back to work and love it! It was in the window of one of my favourite shops in Brighton - here's a link: www.pussyhomeboutique.co.uk.

Other ramblings today - at least 18 degrees out today so why have I seen people in scarves & hats? Dress appropriately folks - it's the other extreme from flip-flops in Winter!

I saw a link to what could be an interesting film coming out soon - keep your eye on it: www.northernsoulfilm.com.

Last night I ventured into Second Life as my avatar Willow Sveiss - I have the weirdest boobs and white go go boots that keep disappearing into the ether but I'll work on that! I've been checking out The Twisted Wheel club where they play 60s stuff. I've learnt to dance and strutted my stuff with a load of people dressed as bananas. If anyone is in there took please add me!

And finally, this was the first band I ever saw at the tender age of 15 or something - Chippenham Gold-diggers. A band that was a big part of my teenage years......many a night was locked away in my bedroom being all "teenage" and singing along to Glory Boys like it meant the world. Time have moved on but Secret Affair are still around & I'll be down the front still singing along to Glory Boys at the Concorde on 29 May.

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