Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Something is wrong.....

I'm considering joining LA Fitness!

Maybe it's because I'm feeling fat & frumpy or maybe it's because middle-age is creeping up on me and I don't want to be that cuddly mumsy shape that happens when you hit your mid to late 40s....Or maybe it's because it's next door to the office and it's a sensible idea seeing as I'm going to have spare cash every month.

The chances of me using anything more than the pool or doing a couple of yoga classes is pretty slim but we'll see what happens.  Have made a mental note to do a little tour round before my first "proper" payday at the end of June.  Watch this space.

My first payday will also see appointments being booked for a massage, indian head massage, facial and eyebrow threading......building gently up to Botox in August, fillers in September & a full on facelift by the end of the year.

Received some sad news yesterday.........my best friend's Mum died in hospital on Sunday night.  Not sure what to say at times like these but am sending all the love in the world to them right now.  R.I.P June Lee - I'll remember you with a smile.

and finally.................angry today............and feel like causing trouble.  Maybe I will!

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