Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Sneezes and Summer Disasters!

Ok, so who's wearing cheap market perfume in the office today?  I can't stop sneezing and it's getting a bit annoying now.  From experience, it's only cut flowers (of which we have none), dust (very unlikely we have much) or that cheap Impulse type perfume spray that sets me off.  I will be starting an investigation after lunch and the culprit will be evicted from the office!  Someone has said "bless you" so many times this morning that he said from now on, they're on direct debit.

I had the sudden urge to do a Facebook cull over lunch.  Such a therapeutic thing!  No longer will I have to put up with news from the Stockholm indie scene, of which I never really was a part or be bombarded with Farmville & Mafia Wars rubbish.  I know you can physically hide these things on certain people and I have done but it's such a chore darling!

Last night was another restless night.  I think I was traumatised by Gok Wan telling me that not only is linen in this Summer (well he didn't tell me but I know these things!) but so is tie dye and ethnic prints - the thing of nightmares.  If tie dye is "bang on trend", something needs to be done and fast.  I'm intending starting up a petition which I will personally take to our newly formed government, and obviously the obligatory Facebook group entitled "I bet I can get 1,000,000 people to sign up who hate tie dye" (or something).

While I'm on the subject of such Summer disasters, I'm campaigning against the wearing of any of the following too:

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